19年前,张庭及其老公林瑞阳在法国发现了一种菌种并把它带回台湾,尝试将活酵母运用到护肤品中。 经过了19年的科技与研究,成功研发出全球唯一活的、有生命的保养品——TST庭秘密。

从鲜乳中萃取的活性酵母具有旺盛的生命力。结合高科技的超微米渗透技术,深入肌肤底层,并且提供细胞再生所需的养分,让活化与修復细胞的效果最佳化。TST成功研发了活酵母系列,并以品牌代言人张庭小姐的名字,命名为”Tin’s Secret”。有生命的活酵母系列保养品,从肌肤深层,启动代谢、修復、吸收的调理机制,还原健康的肌肤,自然能有效改善乾燥、油脂、粉刺、暗沉、细纹、敏感等各种肌肤问题,为忙碌的妳,提供全方位的高效深度保养,持续净、亮、嫩、白,绽放光彩。


上海达尔威贸易有限公司 2013年林瑞阳携夫人张庭将TST庭秘密带来到祖国大陆,并与大陆一线名人徐铮、陶虹创建上海达尔威贸易有限公司,这是一家集研发、设计、销售为一体新型电子商务企业。拥有一群激情、富有创造力、和战斗力的运营团队及来自4A各大广告公司的人才,同时公司在台湾地区拥有自己的研发基地产提供商。 目前公司各部门通力协作,目标5年内打造国内上市明星护肤品牌,并走向国际市场。

TST Brand Secret Story

19 years ago, Truong and her husband Lin Ruiyang in France found a strain and bring it back to Taiwan, try to live yeast applied to skin care products. After 19 years of science, technology and research, they successfully developed the world’s only live, there are skin care products – TST tribunal secret of life.

Extracted from milk active yeast has strong vitality. Combined with high-tech ultra-meter penetration technology, in-depth the underlying skin cell regeneration and provides the necessary nutrients, so that the effect of activation of repair cells optimized. TST successfully developed a series of live yeast, and name brand ambassador Miss Truong Dinh, named “Tin’s Secret”. Life series of live yeast care products, from skin deep to start the metabolism, repair, conditioning mechanism of absorption, restore healthy skin, naturally relieve dry, oil, acne, dull, fine lines, skin problems and other sensitive for busy you, provide a full range of efficient maintenance depth, sustained net, light, tender, white and shine.

TST care lifestyle of women and internal demand, the discovery of new women go about their day still beautiful dazzling, mainly from the “inside-out” deep charm, rather than rely on a modified external conditions. TST faith depth beautiful, more convinced that the “self-confidence, wisdom, beauty,” both women, quenching chain through time, became a classic of the world to follow.

Galway on Haida Trade Co., Ltd. in 2013 with his wife Lin Ruiyang Truong will bring TST secret tribunal to the mainland, and the mainland-list celebrities Xu Zheng, the TAO create Haida Trade Co. Galway, which is a research and development, design, sales one of the new e-commerce enterprises. We have a group of passionate, creative, and combat operations team and personnel from 4A major advertising companies, while the company has its own R & D base capacity provider in Taiwan. Currently the company departments collaboration, target the domestic market five years to build a star skin care brands, and the international market.

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