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TST Snow Moisturizing 时空晶灵雪花水 120ML

RM172.00 RM159.00

TST Sleeping Mask. Soft and smooth, Relieve Repair Gelly contains several extracts of natural plants. It’s moisturizing and great at keeping your skin hydrated. While you’re asleep, it activates your skin, repairs damages done to skin due to sun exposure. Soothe skin, as well as even skin tone. Relieve Repair Gelly is the secret for a bright and fresh face


TST Snow Moisturizing Toner 时空晶灵雪花水

Nett Weight: 4.05oz / 120ml

TST Snow Moisturizing Toner contains many precious ingredient s. Its forms a natural protective film in the layers of our skin to ensure that moisture does not evaporate, keeping skin hydrated for up to 8 hours.

Upon application to the face, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin layer making our skin soft, supply and silky.

TST Snow Moisturizer provides both inner and outer skin care solution such as providing necessary nutrients for our skin to retain long-lasting suppleness and protection against external environment that causes dryness to our skin.