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TST Relieve Repair Gelly TST修复冻膜夜用面膜 60gram

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TST Sleeping Mask. Soft and smooth, Relieve Repair Gelly contains several extracts of natural plants. It’s moisturizing and great at keeping your skin hydrated. While you’re asleep, it activates your skin, repairs damages done to skin due to sun exposure. Soothe skin, as well as even skin tone. Relieve Repair Gelly is the secret for a bright and fresh face


TST Sleeping Mask 60g TST修复冻膜夜用面膜

  • Effect: Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, acne, skin calm
  • 功效:消炎,补水,祛痘,镇定肌肤

Tips on how to use:

  • For normal skin: After cleansing and basic skin care, apply the gelly before going to sleep, then wash off in the next morning.
  • For lazy beauty: After cleansing, coated with a layer of toner/moisturizer, then cover the gelly directly until next morning.
  • For detox Skin: After cleansing, pat distilled water, coated gelly, then washed off after 30 minutes.


  • 正常皮肤:洁面后,做完基础护肤,临睡前涂一层晚安冻膜,清晨直接洗脸。
  • 懒人方法:洁面后,涂一层水,直接再涂晚安冻膜,一觉到天亮去洗掉。
  • 排毒期皮肤:洁面后,拍蒸馏水,涂一层晚安冻膜,30分钟后洗掉即可。