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TST Exquisitely Tender Cleanser 靓肤水嫩洁面乳 100gram

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TST Night Renewal Lotion contains many previous ingredients and vitamins. It forms a thin moisture film on the layers of our skin, to constantly keeping it moisturized.

Containing essence of rich nutrients, TST Night Renewal Location provides long lasting moisturizing effects and hydration to both inner and outer skin, to retain suppleness and protection against external environment that causes dryness to our skin.


TST Edelweiss Exquisitely Tender Cleanser 雪绒花•靓肤水嫩洁面乳

深层清洁: 高科技微米化技术,使泡沫丰盈细致不刺激,能温和洗净毛孔污垢、多余油脂,抚去淡妆,一步还原净透水嫩。
Deep clean: high-tech micron technology, the foam does not stimulate an abundance of fine, gently wash the pores of dirt, excess oil, makeup to ask, further reducing the net through supple.

Oil Balance: rich in plant extracts and amino acids retain water, deep cleansing, while tender skin care, water activation, regulate skin water and oil balance, skin feel soft and delicate.

Faded dull: Edelweiss extract rich in active substances, to provide the necessary nutrients cell regeneration, skin activation update, repair damaged skin tissue, while reducing the generation of free radicals against skin, skin reproduce the primary texture.