TST  agents’ benefits:

  • SUITABLE for own use purposes or startup new business or part-time business (Silver Agent)
  • ZERO Capital, ZERO Joining Fee, ZERO Stock Up.
  • Agent discount rates / Commissions start from 18% – 36.5%
  • Wide range of products available, including skin care products, cosmetics etc
  • No need keep stock, and definitely not required to queue up at post office, just simple as place order, company will direct  courier to you or your customers.
  • Flexible working hours, you can spend more times with your love ones. Traveling is no longer an issue, with money and time both available for you.

TST 代理的好处:

  • 适合自己使用,小生意的开启,兼职的生意(银会员)
  • 零资本,零加盟费,零库存。免费申请。
  • 您可以购买TST产品,代理折扣率从18%-36.5%
  • 广泛的产品可用,包括护肤品,化妆品等。
  • 不需要吨货,更不需要去邮局排队,直接下单,公司向您或客户直接发出订单。
  • 灵活的工作时间,你可以花更多的时间与你的亲人。旅行不再是一个问题,钱和时间都可供您使用。

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